Cattle Chute 1100M


  • Hydraulically assisted manual squeeze
    chute to increase operator squeeze
    force with less effort.
  • Heavy duty manual headgate with
    extension to run headgate from front or
    rear of chute.
  • Chute operates from 30” to 12” inside
    dimensions with absolutely no hand
    adjustment necessary regardless of the
    animals’ size.
  • For every pound of pressure on pump
    applies nine pounds of pressure on the
  • Spring-loaded return, resets the chute
    for the next animal quickly.
  • Palpation door travels with side
    squeeze creating a funnel to eliminate
    small animal turn-around.
  • Branding doors swing out and are
    removable and lower access door slides
    off as well – no tools needed.
Click here to download the Cattle Chute 1100M literature.

Optional Equipment:

  • Wheel Assembly
  • Digital Scale
  • Blinders on branding windows
  • Removable tongue when stationary
  • Clevis or Ball Hitches available
  • Head sweep