Cattle Chute 2100X


  • Tub folds up and down with one person in
    minutes for transportation at highway
  • Heavy duty manual headgate can be operated from the front or the rear of the chute.
  • Hydraulically assisted manual squeeze will increase operator squeeze force with less effort, as every pound of pressure on pump applies nine pounds of pressure on the animal.
  • No hand adjustments needed from the smallest calves to the largest bulls.
  • Chute is wheel ready and designed to transport in minutes.
Click here to download the Cattle Chute 2100X literature.

Optional Equipment:

  • Head sweep
  • Scales in alley
  • Solar panel for hydraulic battery
  • Fiberglass rump bar
  • Removable sliding restraining rails
  • Removable brisket bar
  • Chute also available with hydraulic operation of headgate, rear gate, squeeze and head sweep.

Check out this video to see how to disasseble the chute and tub.