Cattle Chute 900D


  • Chute is double-sided squeeze, double sided
    opening doors. Right side opens at front, left
    side of the chute, door opens at the rear.
    Inside measurement on the chute goes from
    30 inches wide to 14 inches.
  • The front of the palpation doors travel with
    the squeeze sides to create a funnel for easy
    cattle entry and keep the calves from turning
    around. Both doors will lock out to the back.
  • We can go with either a manual or a self-catch
    head gate on the front.
  • With the manual head gate, we can install our
    head gate extension (which is a rear-operating
    handle) which will allow the head gate to be
    run from the front or back of the chute.
  • The rear gate is a bi-fold gate. This gate goes
    out to 30 inches wide and can be operated
    from the front or the rear of the chute. Both
    sides fold out to the outside of the chute.
  • Bottom kick panel will come off on both sides
    for semen testing bulls or working on hoofs.
  • The branding doors swing out and are
    removable. No tools needed.
  • The rump bar ratchets on either side to move
    forward but not allow the bar to move back.
  • The floor is setup for wheel assembly. Wheel assembly has winch on both sides, a jack and ten ply tires.
Click here to download the Cattle Chute 900D literature.

Optional Equipment:

  • Brisket bar
  • Sliding restraining rails, can be slid in or
    out so calves can nurse or cows can be
    milked out
  • Head table
  • Neck and nose bar
  • Wheel assembly
  • Scales